I had the pleasure of helping clients do their final walk through this past weekend. During final walk through we turned on all the appliances to make sure they were still in good working order, made sure there were no leaks, and to make sure the property was cleaned and in the condition we originally saw it in.

We found them a great two-bedroom condo in Makiki, close to bus lines, Makiki Park, and Punahou School. This condo recently had an assessment, as many condos in Makiki are. Since this area was mainly built in the 70's, many of these buildings are having to spend a lot of money to retrofit their plumbing, elevators, and to do spalling work. 

Luckily, we were able to have the seller pay for the assessment in excess of $30,000. Your realtor should inform you of any past, current, or upcoming assessments and instruct you on the ramifications as a buyer. The worst thing that can happen as a realtor is if a client buys a property and 1 month later they are subject to a large assessment. #HawaiiStartsHere